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How to Optimize Your Laundromat Visit

May. 20, 2024
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Going to the laundromat can be a daunting task. It involves carrying all your laundry, all the supplies, and making time to go when it is not too terribly busy. We have some tips to make most of this trip.

  • Pre-treat stains and sort at home. Spritz stains as you throw garments into the hamper during the week. Sort your laundry at home and place delicates in netted bags there. The goal is to arrive at the laundromat and load up machines as soon as you access them.
  • Minimize the supplies you need to just what you need. There is no need to carry the whole gallon or box of detergent with you to the laundromat when you only have a few loads. No need to take the whole bottle of fabric softener or box of dryer sheets, either. Breaking down these supplies into smaller quantities lightens the load of what you'll carry. Repurpose small water bottles for liquid products, a plastic container with lid for powder detergents, and use sandwich bags for dryer sheets.
  • Keep enough laundry coins in a separate change purse. If you're going to a coin-op then you'll be able to activate machines faster if you arrive with plenty of quarters that are already sorted. It can be a hassle to cherry pick quarters among nickels, dimes, and pennies, especially when the laundromat is busy.
  • And probably the most helpful tip: wear lots of pockets and leave the electronics at home. The laundromat is not like your local coffeeshop. Please do not set up your laptop and leave your belongings unattended. Most laundromats have disclaimers posted in plain sight that they are not responsible for lost items and your electronics, purses, wallets, and other belongings are no exception.

So there you have it. Some tips that can help make your next laundromat visit much less challenging.

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