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Ti-Dee Laundromat

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We have a variety of machines to make your laundry easier and quicker.  Our prices are among the best in the city!  Always attended by the nicest people in town!



Washing Machines

  • Single load top-loaders
  • Double load front- loaders
  • Triple load front- loaders
  • 50 lb. front-loader


  • Top load machines have a single wash, rinse, spin cycle
  • Front load machines feature pre-wash, wash, 3 rinse cycles, 1 spin cycle.  For the environmentally conscious, front-load machines use about 1/3 the water and energy of a top loader.


  • Single stack dryers
  • Hot settings
  • 10 min./quarter


  • We do not use double stack dryers.  While they maximize profit for the owner, we do not believe that they are very customer friendly.  Crawling along the floor, crouching under another customer, or a visit to a chiropractor should not be part of your laundry experience!   The doctors prescription:  stop this activity immediately.  One visit to Ti-Dee Laundromat as needed for fast relief! 


Our Business Hours

7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

7 Days/Week 

(last load start by 8:00 PM) 

Contact us

Ti-Dee Laundromat
1605 Carlisle Blvd. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106


Phone: (505) 255-9432

E-mail: info@tideelaundromat.com


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Special Offers

Summer 2019:

free wash: double front load machine with any paid wash!


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